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visit to paulo mendes da rocha

directed by Helena Guerra

interview, apr 2011

Video made by Helena Guerra to be exhibited at the Paulo Mendes da Rocha exposition in Center Pompidou – Beaubourg – in April, 2011.

It’s a monographic essay about the Brazilian architect Pritzker winner, that inaugurates a room destined to quick presentations of architectural works recently arrived at the Musée National d’Art Moderne colections, from the institution. The expositions shall change every three months, therefore the Mendes da Rocha exposition should be up until July.

Aside from the models and original drawings of his works, a short video, made by Helena Guerra, will be shown at the exhibition. In the video, Paulo Mendes da Rocha explains the concept and ideas present in his Cais das Artes project, in the capital city of the state of Espírito Santo.

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