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curadoria Maria Claudia Levy, Renata Passos e Helena Guerra

cultural project, may 2014

KINOONIBUS – video festival at TV do Ônibus de SP

KINOONIBUS is a proposal of interaction with the public at the colective transport in São Paulo, that will be invited to send up to one minute videos with the subject "which city is it that each one sees?". Through the production, selection and exhibition of the videos, we intent to reflect about the city, it's beauties, virtues, defects and propositions.

Who selects the videos?

The videos will be selected by a curatorial team: Maria Claudia Levy, Renata Passos and Helena Guerra.

Where will the exhibit take place?

The videos will be shown at BusTV, responsible by the buses TVs in São Paulo.

Who can take part?

Anyone! If you still don't have 18 years old it's necessary to provde in our form the name and data of the person who will be responsible by the content.

How can I join in?

Record an up to one minute video and make the upload on Youtube or Vimeo. Afterwards, fill in the form in www.bustv.com.br/portal/concursos-culturais/kinoobus. Don't forget to put the link for the video!


You can send videos up to July 15th, 2014. The selected videos will be shown for the following two months in BusTV and will also be available in our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kinoonibus.

Who's responsible for all o this?

KINOONIBUS – video festival at TV do Ônibus de SP was created by Maria Claudia Levy, Renata Passos and Helena Guerra. The production is responsibility of Irmãos Guerra Filmes.

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directed by Irmãos Guerra

vulgar , oct 2018


lá em casa

directed by Irmãos Guerra

music video, may 2016